A joint project with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art


Bobaka continues its efforts to make the time children spend online and using mobile devices both entertaining and educational.

We’re proud to announce our next dedicated project: an educative online-game «PLAYMMOMA» developed in concert with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. It is going to be the first Russian museum game and will be completely dedicated to contemporary visual arts.

The first complete version of the game will be available by the end of May. Children will be able to create “paintings” by using an unusual “palette” with such tools as colorful threads, yellow duct tape and even ketchup! Users will be able to place their work in a virtual gallery and invite their friends to their personal exhibit.

This product will be of interest to kids of ages 6 and up, as well as their parents and teachers in children’s  art schools. It is an excellent way to learn something new as you spend leisure time with your family .

The game was first showcased at the professional festival “Intermuseum-2016”. Its full version will be made available at the festival «PLAYMMOMA: play with modern art!» at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Petrovka street, May 25 -26— June 10 2016.