Bobaka is a digital agency specializing in children’s brands and focusing on children as a special audience. It is a media projects operator with over a million of unique monthly users, a developer and a publisher of children’s games and mobile apps targeted at the younger demographic.

Bobaka possesses expert knowledge in the field of children’s digital entertainment.


Digital Agency

  • Strategic Planning: preparation and implementation of communications strategies, media strategies, SMM-strategies and content plans.
  • Creative Solutions: creative concept development, copyrighting, naming, illustrations, graphic design, web design, 3D-modeling and rendering, banners, animation and motion design.
  • Web Development: teasers, landing pages and promotional sites, e-commerce solutions, corporate sites and web portals. High capacity, adaptive layouts, cloud technology.
  • Mobile Development: informative apps, interactive books, mobile games development with native technologies, Unity, analytical and marketing SDK and Azure cloud technologies. Full range of services: UX-design, prototyping, development, testing and release management.
  • Maintenance and support: website, mobile app and community audit, support and development of digital projects, 24/7 technical support, Windows Azure administration, project consulting.
  • Web-marketing: advertising campaigns (context, targeting, media), company efficiency analysis, competitor activity analysis, media planning and services.
  • Mobile marketing: App Store optimization (naming, keywords and descriptions, graphics), traffic campaigns, App Store relations management.
  • SMM-marketing: editorial plans, social media activations, reputation management, community management, monitoring and analysis, social network apps.

Media Operator

Bobaka is a media projects operator with over a million of monthly active users. Our portfolio includes:

  • The official web sites for The Pooches, Moonzy and The Three Bogatyrs cartoons;
  • The official communities of those cartoons in a number of social networks;
  • The Pooches. Arcade mobile app with over two million installations;
  • A number of mobile games and apps featuring several in-house brands that successfully made it to the top of the App Store in many countries.

Mobile Publisher

Bobaka is both a developer and a publisher of a number of games and children’s apps, most of which made it to the top charts of the App Store and Google Play both in Russia and many countries all over the world.

  • Interactive book Green Riding Hood (iPad App of the Year 2015 by App Store, 1st place in the Books category in 36 countries);
  • Mobile game Papa Penguin (1st place in the Brazil App Store, featured in the 100 games and apps App Store Classics editorial);
  • Mobile game Captain Antarctica (made it to the top of the App Store charts 18 times);
  • The Pooches. Arcade games collection (1st place in the Russian App Store just 5 days after release in the following categories: All Apps for iPad, Kids, For Kids Between 6 and 8, All Games, Family Games, Puzzles, 1st place in the Family category and 25th place in the total rating for all apps in Russian Google Play);
  • Interactive book Blue Brume;
  • Interactive book The Pooches Book. Micro and Macro World in the KidBook app.


To clients and legal owners

We help children’s brands to reach digital market by working together with considerate, responsible, and creative developers. Let us know if you wish to see your brand represented on the web or on mobile platforms!

To developers

Our products gross considerably and tend to hold top places on the AppStore charts because we know how to get them there. Are you a mobile game or an app developer who needs assistance with finishing his creation and publishing it on the AppStore or the Google Play? Drop us a line!