“Green Riding Hood” has been installed over 1 million times

Just a few days ago, on February, 16 our interactive storybook “Green Riding Hood” took its place among other famous apps after it had been named free “App of the week” on the App Store. To celebrate that occasion, the app had been made available for free between February 16 and 23 so that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world could enjoy our interactive fairytale.

We are proud to announce that “Green Riding Hood” had been installed over one million times all over the world.

The percentage of downloads per country is as follows:

  • China: 25%
  • USA: 17%
  • Russia: 9,4%
  • Germany: 4,8%
  • Japan: 4,2%
  • Great Britain: 3,2%
  • France: 3,1%
  • South Korea: 2,8%
  • Italy: 2,1%
  • Canada: 1,8%

We are glad to see that our efforts to translate and voice the story in 11 languages have been warmly welcomed and that “Green Riding Hood’s” popularity is growing all over the world.