Green Riding Hood One-Week Sale


Great news for the fans of Green Riding Hood and those who are just about to discover the magical world of healthy living, balanced diet and yoga exercises!

We are happy to announce a major update for our interactive storybook which will transform it into a full-fledged service app for all fans of healthy living and amusing fairy-tales. You will find plenty of new minigames, many fun and rewarding yoga classes with Grandmother, lots of dance lessons with Green Riding Hood and, of course, Wolf himself. This time he’ll be happy to join you for your morning exercises. But that’s not all! In addition to the app you will also get an exclusive iMessage sticker pack with Green Riding Hood, Grandmother, Wolf and other characters!

In the meantime we’d like to announce a sale! This week you will be able to get our app almost for free. Until October, 20 you can download Green Riding Hood for iPhone or iPad just for $0.99.

Visit App Store and take advantage of the limited offer right away!