Announcing Awesome Pirate Jack

A new page dedicated to Bobaka’s new project, an iOS game Awesome Pirate Jack, was added to the portfolio. The spirit of nautical adventure, pirate humor, fun characters, cute graphics and original shooting mechanics will […]

Green Riding Hood One-Week Sale

Great news for the fans of Green Riding Hood and those who are just about to discover the magical world of healthy living, balanced diet and yoga exercises! We are happy to announce a major […]

Bobaka wins the «Runet Rating-2016» contest

Our app «Green Riding Hood» won the «Runet Rating-2016» contest in the «Recreation, Shopping and Lesiure» category for mobile applications! The contest featured the total of 29 categories, and its organizers reviewed 1261 project. The […]

«Green Riding Hood» has made it to Runet’s rating short list

Our beautifully crafted «Green Riding Hood» interactive storybook has been named on a shortlist of Runet’s Rating Apps Awards in the «Recreation, Shopping and Leisure» category. The contest features 29 categories: 24 categories for web […]

Bobaka Enters Russian Mobile Application Developers Top

Bobaka entered the Russian mobile application developers top for the first time in its history and has immediately risen to the 82nd place! The list is compiled by “Tagline”, one of the Russia’s largest analytical […]

The presentation of PLAYMMOMA, a children’s online game

From May 27 to June 13 Moscow will be hosting the «PLAYMMOMA: play with modern art!» festival, featuring numerous educational and entertainment projects of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. One of the main events […]

Bobaka gives a talk at “The Kids Want Mobile”

On May, 19 Alexander Nasonov, one of our company’s founders, gave a talk at “The Kids Want Mobile”, the annual children’s games developers conference. The event took place in Berlin inside an old picturesque weaving-mill. […]

A joint project with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Bobaka continues its efforts to make the time children spend online and using mobile devices both entertaining and educational. We’re proud to announce our next dedicated project: an educative online-game «PLAYMMOMA» developed in concert with […]