The Pooches 

“The Pooches Family” is a collection of entertaining and educational games based on “The Pooches” TV cartoon series.

All the included games are absolutely kid-friendly and fun to play: the “Soccer” is a 3D game with cute graphics where you have to compete agains a number of rival street soccer teams; the “Kitchen Сlean-up” is a mini-game where you help Foxy Pooch to get rid of the dirty dishes left after the party as if she is in a rush to keep her own restaurant clean; in the “Letter Scramble” Pup Pooch needs your assistance to align letters in the right order to form words (“Learning Foreign Languages” mode is also available); train your brain in the memory game “Find а match” and have loads of fun with Einstein Pooch.

Kids will also have a blast completing a set of different in-game tasks to receive dozens of medals from The Pooches.