Animated teaser and logotype for Straboo project

Developed in Norway, iHealth service Straboo allows fitness coaches and nutritionists to follow customers’ health and results.

The main idea of the service is the instructors can track the activities, see targets reach and plans fulfillment in real-time and advice trainees on physical activities and nutrition issues.

Bobaka team has created animated teaser made in funny and actual style to support the concept.

Once started, we offered the customer with three concept of the teaser to select one for the production. We created storyboards with all main scenes and actions for the animation.

Upon the approval of the storyboards the illustrator made every key close-up of the animation.

Upon the approval of the illustration we animate it, made sound design and professional dubbing.

At the end we created a stylish motion effects for Straboo logotype that was developed for the service by our team as well.

We also created logo usage guideline and we’re still cooperating with Straboo on the project of web development.

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