Bobaka is to take part in “The Kids Want Mobile” conference


Bobaka is going to the magnificent city of Berlin where the third annual conference “The Kids Want Mobile” is about to take place on 19th of May. The conference is dedicated to development, promotion and publishing of children’s mobile apps and digital projects.

The hosts describe the conference the following way:
“With guests from all over the world, The Kids Want Mobile is guaranteed to be a creative, up-to-the-minute and innovative event. Everybody engaged in the field of digital kids products – from illustrators, authors, directors, developers, game designers to producers and app stores – is warmly invited to join us for an exciting day full of talks, networking and good food and coffee in the heart of Berlin. This event is not sponsored by any big (or small) brands rather it’s independently organized to keep this conference purely about what we love the most, sharing lessons learnt, best practices and learning from the best!”

To us,  “The Kids Want Mobile” is an excellent opportunity to meet major players of the children’s digital market, to share our experience and, most importantly, to showcase ourselves and our gaming products. The studio is going to be represented by Alexander Nasonov, one of the founders of our company and its speaker.